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The girls with the prettiest smiles seem to tell the saddest stories.

They praise her many-a-time, until she tires of it, for her glowing eye-smile. ₁
For the slight tilt in her head, for the way that her dimples crease and the way her shoulders raise.

She has a pretty smile.

She's always thought smiles akin to masks. ₂
Though she might not go as far as to saying that they were facades of a true personality, she will state that they were the first 'coordinated movement' that she practiced as a trainee. 
Hours and hours upon end of bowing and synchronized 'jigeumeunsonyuhshidae', precision dancing ₃, facial expressions: excited, humbled, surprised, teary, elated, i'msohappyfortheothergroup'swin.
There's nothing in her repertoire when it comes time for Dream Concert ₄, when she is welcomed with a sea of nothingness. Real emotion registers on her face (it's been a while since she's really been able to call it her own) - it is panic, restlessness, slight distress, genuine disappointment.
And even when they receive all of the love in the world, when she's all alone in her room ₅ - just her and her thoughts, sometimes she drifts back to that moment.

And she'll practice her smile, because she's afraid that she'll fall short of perfection.

1 Strong Heart Episode 18 
2 Paul Laurence Dunbar's We Wear The Mask  
3 Girls Go To School Episode 1  (2:34-3:26)
4 Dream Concert 6/7/2008
5 All About Girls' Generation: Self-Talk 

a/n: don't know what compelled me to post this now, and not ages ago when it was written. 
(happy birthday tiffany)